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scope of activity:

  • design and technical consultancy
  • prefabrication of aluminum profile structures
  • prefabrication of fire partitions
  • prefabrication of aluminum panel facades
  • prefabrication of small architecture decorative elements
  • embedding, assembly inside objects


  • elevations (facades) made of aluminum and glass, post and beam, structural
  • elevations made of aluminum and glass, fireproof
  • elevations made of composite panels (coffered)
  • doors: external, internal, automatic and smoke control (S 60 class)
  • doors, walls and partitions: fireproof, classes from EI 15 to 120
  • windows: external, internal, pass-through, roof
  • windows: aeration and smoke control
  • partition walls: simple, sliding and folded
  • winter gardens
  • spatial structures, bays
  • skylights, domes
  • canopies: made of glass, on structures or rotules
  • enclosures of normal and recessed balconies ( sliding, opened )
  • external blinds and shades, brise soleils
  • silencing shields, balustrades
  • others...

New -- Special offer

Intended for so called Passive Buildings in which the joinery is characterized
with high thermal insulating power.

- HI balcony windows, doors - tilting, side hung with multi-chamber glazing
- HI post and beam walls - with multi-chamber glazing
- HS terrace doors with big glass panels - (lift and slide) with multi-chamber glazing
- entrance doors with decorative panel
- seamless aluminum doors.