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Aluminum external venetian blinds

External aluminum blinds called light breakers can have various applications.

- As decorative elements emphasizing the unique design of the building.
- As a protection of big glass panels against excessive sunlight.
- As bodies of ventilation shafts shielding air intake and exhaust vents.
- As silencing shields for roof devices in buildings.

Venetian blinds systems made by our company :



They are characterized with high functionality due to a supporting substructure enabling to set the blinds vertically, horizontally or under any angle of inclination and fix them, to, e.g.:

aluminum-glass facades, windows, directly to a wall

Lamellas made of aluminum profiles can be oval or flat and are available in the following dimensions:
od 100 mm do 300 mm (oval)
od 50 mm do 150 mm (flat)

Angle of inclination range in clamps:
od 00 do 45 - oval
od 00 do 60 – flat

Blinds are protected with a powder coating . The whole RAL range is available (app. 200 colors).

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